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Hi, my name's G.T. and this is the stuff about me. I'm a 5'9 crusader with nugget on my mind. Sorry ladies I am not single (lol), my girlfriend's name is Tina, she's very awesome!

I'm 18, my favorite colors are green and blue. I do enjoy stuff, yep I do have pics also.

cat's name is Yeingyu, and my dog's name is Yargy. I like the kinda music that sounds good.

I live in Garden City, Michigan. My most of all favorite thing to do is chill, and some other stuff.

My car (The love machine) is how I travel. I think the Detroit Pistons are cool, so are the Red Wings.

I've never gotten busy in a burger king bathroom. When I'm in school and I have

nothing to do, I write in the G.H. Notebook of Wisdom. I also have a webring thats cool.

I play basketball, hockey, the drums, guitar, bowling and whatever else thats fun.

Theres also some funny pics of me on here too. And I like other stuff too, but i forgot what it was.

My friends are cool as ice, check em out! I like to: listen to cool music, party, hang out with my friends, eating is cool also (eat 4 life), and a bunch of other cool stuff.

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