The Porkmuscle Barrel Roll First lay on the floor rolling to and fro like a wine barrel. next- snort and holler like a swine in heat. cover yourself in various kitchen slop (optional) *Joe Hubbs aka Dj joe-jitsu*

The International Wheat Dance of Hell You must first aquire a loaf of bread and a satan mask (any type of demonic mask is okay). Go to your local park and run with the bread and scream things.. It's also okay to open the bread and throw it all around, it's not like you're littering, birds and other animals will eat the bread.

The Screaming Racoon Sausage boat Get someone to pull you down the street in a laundry basket. Get a package of unopened sausage, hold it above your head and shout "ALL RACOONS WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF THE SAUSAGE".

The Millenium Falcon Curl up into a ball, flap arms and stand straight, repeat until the song is over or until you get hurt.

Chocolate Medicine Swing your arms in front of yourself and sway your body back and forth as far back and as far forward as you can.

The Electric Ham Bath First grab your left wrist..bring your arms behind your head..still holding your wrist..then bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, and jump around in a circle..with knees still bent and arms still behind your head..

The Bad News Brown Breakfast Make fists with both of your hands and hold them about 1ft away from your face, then without moving your arms or legs move your body front to back and right to left continuously.

The Whiskey Chicken Air Stab First you have to put your arms by your sides and pretend your a shark, the pretend the dance floor is the ocean and swim around until you find a hot girl then pretend you're holding a knife and stab her with the imaginary knife.

The Bumbaclaud Torso Stretch (Often used in G.H. Movies) First take the bottom of your shirt and flip it up so it's covering your entire head. Place your right hand on the back of your head, take your left hand and raise your left ankle, then try to touch your right elbow with your left knee, follow this up by falling down when you're done.

The Menage et tois Iguana Fridge Stick out your thumbs and twist your arms and act like your marching.

The Crenshaw walk Just lay down until the song is over.

The Honey Baked Ass Shake Pull up your pant legs up to your knees, grab your ass and jump up and down. (solid gold)

Baconing Make a hissing sound, raise both arms and wiggle your fingers, also roll your eyes in the back of your head (optional).

The Lee Turner 888 Stretch First put your right hand on your left elbow, left hand on your right elbow, bring them behind your neck, then begin kicking your legs out.

The "I'm Single and You Should Ask Me for my Number" Just move in place with your arms in front of you, when you see a girl look at you, nod your head up and point to your left nipple. (If you're a girl point to your right one)

The Automatic Bazooty Bend your arms and hold your hands by your shoulders and bend your upper body left to right.

The Blue Sausage Parasite Eclipse First begin dancing normal, then hold your hands against your stomach and pretend something is coming out of you and act like it hurts and be really dramatic, finally fall to the ground..lay there for apporximately 1 minute..then get up and act fine.

The Wang Dang Dance Bend your arms in, with your hands near your arm pits, then start flapping them like a chicken walk around yelling "I want some Wang Dangs, I want some Wang Dangs". Either you will get wangs dangs, or you'll get kicked out. Request that your waitress/waiter does this before bringing you out your wang dangs.

The Royce Bankhead Steeze Grab your face with one hand and sway your head left to right.

The Smoked Fat Turkey Sandwich Grab your left shoe with your right hand, and place your left hand on the left side of your head pull your head and leg simultaneously.

The Boogewah liquid cake shorts Jump up and down with the bottoms of your feet touching each other when you're in the air.. Make fists and make a double punching motion when you jump.

Die wachsende Häschennippelriesige Angst Pretend your growing out of the ground and use interesting hand motions and act like it is painful but like your becoming a human plant, then freeze and hop up and down.

The Egg Funk Lagoon This dance is actually known as Portuguese jumping jacks. Bend your arms at 90 degress up and make fists. Bend your knees so your legs are at a 90 degree angle also, then do jumping jacks.




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