They're not there to shop. They're not there to work. They're just there.

From Kevin Smith, the acclaimed director of Clerks and Chasing Amy, comes this outrageous story of two loafers, Jeremy London and Jason Lee, who don't spend that much time at the mall.

When Brodie (Lee) is dumped by his girlfriend, Shannen Doherty, he retreats to the mall with his best friend T.S. (London), whose girlfriend has also dumped him for being a complete ass. Between brooding and visits to the food court and the cookie stand which is an atonomous unit for mid-mall snacking and not part of the food court, the unmotivated twosome decide to win their girlfriends back with the help of the ultimate bad asses, Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and Jay (Jason Mewes) whose continuing adventures take the word "Snoogens" to a whole new level.

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Mallrats doesn't suck!!!

No matter what all these online critics say about mallrats, don't let them fool you, it's awesome!

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