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Hey, so ya.. I lied about the G.H. bash thing, that's probably not going to happen until July or so. I need to gather up some quality musicians. I am certain that the Mutant Genitals will be playing. Along with Schwargo, and hopefully Bob Clark & the Late Fees. Anyways, if you have a good band.. and I don't mean.. we're good cuz my dad says so bands.. lemonade'


I am in production of a new G.H. movie entitled "G.H. science" This contains actual sketches and talking, not as much musical orientation as the last G.H. movies. And there will be many guest appearances by people you know, and people you don't know. The next G.H. bash is coming very soon. If you know of any bands that would like to play email me, still please..no emo bands. Also, no doors cover bands! The G.H. bash will again be held at the V.F.W hall on ford road, next to Cole's Diner. We still have no winner to the cupcake contest, they have all been soo good, it's hard to pick a winner, keep making them and I will keep eating them. I have only one favor to ask.. Will someone come to my house covered in apple sauce and sing "nuthin but a G thang"? If not i'll just watch TV instead, but I would classify that as high quality entertainment. If you work at a place that pays a good amount of money and is mildly fun, hook me up. I need cash! Anyways, send me email about stuff you know i wont care about..thanks




This is pretty stupid huh? Well Schwargo is playing a couple shows at the Pharoh's Golden Cup (don't know when yet), if you want to know who else is playing or have any other questions or free chocolate, e-mail schwargo@hotmail.com. There is talk of another G.H. bash soon, not for sure when it will be, but there will be another! If you know who called my house at 3:52am on Febuary 27, please tell them to burn in hell. Here at G.H. studios we're having a contest, starting March 1st (Beatrice's Birthday) to March 14th. Whoever can make the best cupcakes gets to have their picture on this site with a head of lettuce. I will be the judge of this contest, so I will be eating the cupcakes, bring them to my house. G.T. will be making an appearance at Meijer tomorrow from 3:00pm to 3:20pm, but you have to find him. That's all the news I can think of, if you wanna know more, e-mail me.






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